Residential Life

The 27.14-acre campus is an ideal environment to foster creativity, explore new ideas, and promote independent thinking. The state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities provide an ambience that assures comfortable living for its residents, surrounded by serene greenery and pristine beauty.

The campus houses a fully-equipped medical center, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, student recreation center, central library, salon, and an in-house bank with ATMs of three more banks.

A brief view of the facilities at our Modi Nagar campus includes

Housing Facilities

The students hostel houses over 2,000 individuals in spacious rooms designed to cater to requirements of a private space while incorporating a culture of shared living. Each room is an individual state-of-the-art unit with basic in-built utilities that provide the privacy and comfort that are required to focus on studies. The washrooms are well-fitted with the best fixtures keeping personal hygiene in mind.

Each hostel is Wi-Fi-enabled and has a huge dining area on the ground floor that is equipped with water coolers fitted with ROs and purifiers as well as other amenities. SRMIST Delhi NCR campus offers both AC as well as non-AC and gender-segregated accommodation for its students.


Our campus houses students from various states and the food served in the hostel mess reflects this diversity. The dining areas are well-furnished and fully-equipped to maintain the highest standards of hygiene consciousness and functionality seven days a week. The dining halls are serviced by certified and professional caterers who take into account the different food choices of its residents. The quality of the food served is also closely monitored by a Mess Committee

Safety and Security

The safety and security of every member of our community is treated with the utmost importance. All buildings inside the campus are equipped with numerous alarm-based fire-fighting systems manned by competent fireguards. An in-house health center with residential para-medical staff and visiting doctors is adequately supported by an ambulance stationed round-the-clock.

Our campus is also under regular monitoring through a non-intrusive 24X7 security system that is managed by a multi-level campus security team round the clock, throughout the year, including holidays and academic breaks. High-definition CCTV cameras are installed at various places to monitor all of the hostel blocks, academic areas, residential areas, and other places of interactions on the campus. A well-equipped and dedicated security contingent regularly patrols the campus grounds. The traffic within the campus is regulated and the parking area is well-lit and marked to ensure pedestrian safety and movement.

The right-of-entry to the campus is controlled and is under strict surveillance at all times of day or night. All the entry and exit points are managed, secured, and watched over by an efficient visitor’s management system. A well-synchronized hostel out-pass system ensures further security and management of the campus community.