SRM IST’s Delhi NCR campus believes in and actively promotes the hobbies and areas of interest of its students.

It supports all of the exciting ideas and efforts that support the overall development of the student community above and beyond the confines of the curriculum. To this effect student clubs and societies provide every student an opportunity to explore their secondary passions to collaborate and learn as part of a community bound together by shared interests.

  • SRM Cultural Club

    The club aims to promote exposure and to increase the awareness of the students towards the finer arts of the world. From dramatics to fashion to literature, from poetry to music and dance, this is the place to come and experience it all. The club also acts as a forum to improve one’s communication skills, expressivity and critical thinking power.

  • Dance Club

    SRM Dance Club is a symbol of aesthetics and grace encouraging the dancers from the various states of India to come together and share their passions in dance. The club also provides a platform to the students in the form of cultural events to showcase their skills with the mission of encouraging budding cultural talent. We develop and promote cultural teams that can take part in various inter and intra - college cultural events.

  • Music Club

    This is a confluence of the musicians from the various states of India to come together and share their passions in instrumental and vocal music. We believe that each individual has something to offer and through mentorships, jams, competitions and events we strive to polish skills, share knowledge and spread musical joy.

  • Fashion Club

    The Fashion Club at SRM IST Delhi NCR Campus help its members grow, develop and express themselves in a mutual love for fashion. It provides a place for students to express artistic freedom in the fashion world

  • SRM Dramatics Club

    This is a platform for all nukkad natak enthusiasts and theatre lovers to learn, explore, manage, and perform the beautiful art of stage play.

  • SRM Literary Club

    This provides a platform for the students to write, discuss, and hold debates to stimulate their brains in the literary arts.

  • SRM Yoga Club

    It is an inclusive group that focuses on providing a safe and light-hearted space for students to de-stress and empower themselves through the practice of yoga. The Yoga Club holds daily classes that are taught by certified yoga instructors and is open to all students.


    The MUN society of SRM IST Delhi NCR campus focuses on competing at various MUNs as well as organizing the SRM-MUN every year. The entire team is determined to achieve the goals of MUN and our team has also won at various events and conferences

  • SRM NSS Wing

    The NSS wing works to develop a socially and environmentally conscious student community that offers its services towards the betterment of the nation.

  • SRM Entrepreneurship Cell

    The entrepreneur cell most commonly (but not exclusively) is made up of business students who meet up to discuss various entrepreneurship topics. Subjects covered may include how to run a successful startup, how to hire the best employees and other current issues that are encountered by budding entrepreneurs.

  • SRM Technical Club

    The Technical Club of SRM IST Delhi NCR Campus provides a common platform to the students with an aim of bracing them technically, by amalgamating their Interdisciplinary Technical skills. The club involves students from all the branches, who yearn for learning and sharing in various fields of Engineering & technology.

  • SRM Educational Societies

    We have
    two government-recognized
    educational societies

  • The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)

    ISTE is a leading national professional non-profit society that supports technical education systems with enhanced focus on the career and personality development of our students.

  • Computer Society of India (CSI)

    The CSI is an advancement of the theory and practical knowledge of our computer science and IT aspirants.

  • SRM TEDx Club

    This club conducts the TED Lectures that explore current affairs and innovative ideas of the students.

  • SRM MotorSports

    The motorsports club provides
    an exhilarating experience to the students
    who utilize their skills to design and drive
    self-made vehicles.