The Central Library of the institute facilitates the academic and research community of the Institute. The library is equipped with all modern and innovative technologies to meet all kinds of academic and research requirements. The fully Wi-Fi enabled Central Library, acts as a knowledge hub of the institute,That facilitates access to online and print resources to its users. SRM IST, NCR Campus has one of the best-established libraries as per the international standards. The library has a large collection of books covering various branches of Engineering & Technology, Management, Health Sciences and Science and Humanities and other allied areas.

The library is nearly two decades old. This completely automated library facilitated with RFID technology that includes security gates, automated self-checkout and check-in stations and contracted in approximately 24579.12 sq. ft. area. The library is well protected with fire alarms and CCTV security systems.

The central library is extremely rich in resources and has more than 59,000 books, journals, magazines, computerized online systems, audio-visual material and CD-ROMs. In modern times, the library has extended itself beyond the physical infrastructure by giving online access to the users and by providing the assistance in navigating and analysing tremendous amount of knowledge with a variety of digital tools.

The library also facilitates resources that help researchers in enhancing their research and scholarly documentation. Tools for plagiarism detection/originality checking, online grammar checking, document authentication, reference management, etc., are also part of the library collection.