Equal Opportunity Cell

SRMIST has an EOC established on-campus as per the guidelines of the UGC to provide equal opportunities to all members of the college community and all students, staff, and faculty.

This body ensures that all students and employees are treated equally and addresses any of the deep-rooted biases and inequalities in our system.

The university is committed to offering admission as per the reservation policy as assigned for SC/ST, minorities, PWD, weaker sections of society, etc. The EOC works towards ensuring that the social disparities are eliminated and adequate representation is provided to all within the campus.

SRMIST Delhi NCR campus, Ghaziabad UP

A major part of the work of EOC is to provide any assistance required to and oversee the effective implementation of policies for the disadvantaged groups. They deal with any mobility and accessibility issues that might have crept up on campus and ensure that the infrastructure as well as the policies provide an enabling environment that is suitable for all.

The members of the EOC

S No. Name Designation Position
1 Dr. Ranjana Dubey Asst. Professor, Chemistry Chairperson
2 Dr. Pankaj Singh HOD, Electronics & Communication Engg. Member
3 Dr. Sharat Sharma Asst. Professor, Management Studies Member
4 Ms. Swati Bhatt Asst. Professor, Management Studies Member
5 Mr. Natarajan N Jr. Engineer, Construction & Maintenance Dept Member
6 Mr. Rocky Bhola Parent of Jatin Bhola Parent Member
7 Mr. Shailendra Kumar Upadhyay Parent of Shivansh Kumar Parent Member
8 Mr Shivansh Kumar Student RA1811003030285 (CSE –F) Student Member
9 Jatin Bhola Student RA1811003030265 Student Member