Women’s Grievance Cell

SRMIST established a Women's Grievance Cell to address any grievances of the female students, staff, and faculty.

We are committed to provide a fully confidential and supportive environment to all the female members of our campus community.

The mandate of this Cell at the institute is to address:

  • The facilities and needs of the women faculty, staff and students
  • Problems arising out of any gender-related discrimination

SRMIST Delhi NCR campus, Ghaziabad UP

To this end, SRMIST organizes awareness camps, meetings, and seminars while promoting the work of this cell to allow recognition of the rights of women. This right to equality has been provided by the Constitution of India that includes the right to equality before the law, the prohibition of any kind of discrimination related to gender as well as providing equal opportunities in the academic field and their careers.


Assistant Professor (Chemistry),
Chief Superintendent Examinations

9818944151, ranjanad@srmist.edu.in