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SRM Is Keen On Building A Long-Term Growth Strategy, Having Alumni And Industry As Two Main Pillars

Dear Students and Friends,

Very often in the academic world, faculty members and senior administrators discuss how to move up the ladder in terms of teaching, research and innovations; or in other words how to make their institutions the envy of the country or the world. At the same time, in the midst of the serious debate, there is also the realization that nurturing the main stake holders is perhaps the key to a successful institution.

This time let me talk of the critical role of two stake holders—the Alumni and the Industry, both of whom will have to be sought after aggressively and persuasively. An institution like SRM Institute of Science and Technology is quite aware of the inherent and potential strength of its alumni. SRM understands and accepts that the alumni is the perhaps the biggest stake holder that, among other things, provides stability and prospects for better growth. If the alumni is seen a critical component of an educational institution and much sought after, it is not without compelling reasons. In ways more than one, it is the alumni that speaks about the track record and strengths of an institution which in turn opens the door for better quality infrastructure, increased placement opportunities and entrepreneurship for future generations.

In India, for some reason, the partnership between Industry and educational institutions has not been to the extent to which it should be; but a phenomenon that is slowly being rectified. It is a two way street and a win-win situation for dynamic support and cooperation brings in new ideas and energy. Internships and project funding are mutually beneficial to the institution and the industry. The industry, for instance, will have a lot to benefit in having a close arrangement with SRM because of our student diversity, access to high class facilities, research laboratory and more importantly the use of our potential for innovation.

We are quite keen on building a long term growth strategy for SRMIST that will have the alumni and industry as our two main pillars that could benefit all stake holders, including students, parents, management and most importantly the society-at- large.

Good Luck And God Bless You All!

  • Dr. Sandeep Sancheti

  • Vice Chancellor,
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology