SRM IST Delhi NCR Campus is resolutely committed to cultivating a dynamic scholastic milieu that not only enhances intellectual acumen but also encourages the refinement of intellectual development.

The active participation of our students and parents in this scholarly odyssey is of paramount importance, and our commitment to continuous refinement remains unwavering.

The IQAC assumes a pivotal role in assuring stringent quality benchmarks and inculcating a culture of scholarly innovation.

Let us, in unison, embark upon this shared expedition of erudition and advancement. Your confidence in the system is both our privilege and inspiration, and we eagerly anticipate a symbiotic alliance that shall yield success.

With profound regards

  • Prof. (Dr). Dhowmya Bhatt,

  • Dean IQAC
    Email : dean.iqac.ncr@srmist.edu.in