Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical Machine Lab

This is our core set of laboratories, in terms of curriculum. Its overall needs are versatility and generality, in view of the many basic course needs it serves. This lab is general enough to hold a number of experiments suitable for giving students enough exposure to enable them to easily adopt experiments in more advanced laboratories in the department. Developing state-of-the-art machines and monitoring and diagnostics technologies to enable faster, greener ways to power build and move the world. This is the main lab where experiments like load test on various machines, speed control tests, open circuit tests, short circuit tests, etc are carried out..And also wide variety of practical experiments are performed  here with combination of different rotating machines. The laboratory is also used for research activities in machines and to carry out project works on energy conversion.

Major Equipments

  • Rectifier
  • D.C. motors with panel
  • 1Ø & 3Ø Transformer with panel
  • Cut section 3Ø induction motor
  • Cut section D.C. shunt motor with starter
  • Cut section synchronous motor with starter
  • Portable MC Voltmeter 150/300V
  • Distribution Panel
  • Alternator coupled D.C. shunt motor
  • Auto Transformer
  • Wattmeter (600V, 10A) UPF
  • Voltmeter, Ammeter, Multimeter
  • Three Phase Induction Motor
  • Air Blower
  • Tacho Meter, Rheostats
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Single Phase Induction motor
  • 3 Phase Squireel cage Induction motor

Power Electronics Lab

The power electronics lab enhances the EEE students by providing them the better understanding of the concepts and working of advanced power semiconductor devices and power electronics circuits. This lab also provides the platform for the UG students to perform and check their minor project, multi-disciplinary design and major project. This lab enables the PG students to make and test their project. Lab is open for the Research Scholars to carry out their Research during the working hours of the Institution.

Single-phase semi converter and full converter experiments are carried out to understand the conversion of AC supply to DC supply and the variation of average output voltage for different firing angles. Single-phase AC voltage controller using TRIAC experiment is done to get the variable AC output voltage from fixed AC input voltage. For converting DC to single-phase AC, single-phase series inverter, single-phase parallel inverter and single phase cascaded multilevel inverter experiments are conducted. For converting DC to three-phase AC, three phase voltage source inverter experiment is conducted. Here, changing the modulation index, output voltage of the inverter is controlled keeping the input voltage constant. Voltage and current commutated chopper circuits are carried out to comprehend the conversion of fixed DC to variable DC voltage by voltage commutation and current commutation respectively. To get the variable dc output voltage, SEPIC and CUK converter experiments are carried out. Speed control of DC shunt motor, universal motor and three phase induction motor using respective power electronics circuits are also done

Major Equipments

  • A.C. Servo motor
  • Synchro transmitter and reciever pair
  • Kelvin's double bridge, Maxwell's bridge
  • Measurement of P.F. using 3 Ammeter Method
  • Schearing bridge, Temprature control systems
  • Design and implementation of lead/leg copensation model CD-02, Transfer kit of D.C. motor
  • 1Ø Full convertor, Flyback Converter, LVDT
  • 1Ø A.C. voltage controller using TRIAC
  • 1Ø Series & Parallel Invertor, Tool Kit
  • CUK Converter, Single phase cyclo converter
  • Commutation Circuit, Sepic Converter
  • Single phase semi and Full converter
  • CRO, Multimeter, RPS, UJT Trigger CKT kit, PWM Inverter, Stain Guage Trainer Kit
  • Wheat Stone bridge, Speed Control of motors

Applied Electronics Lab

This Lab familiarizes the students with the fundamentals of analog electronics. This Lab is equipped with a wide range of devices, which helps the students to undergo intensive training and provides a deep insight into the world of electronics. The lab provides a skeleton of applied electronics.This lab is intended to explore the properties of digital circuits, including noise margins, propagation delay times, and aspects of integrated circuit realization. The integrated circuits laboratory is well equipped with digital trainer boards to study the basics of logic gates, flip flops etc. The lab is also equipped with CROs, power supplies, measuring meters and linear ICs to study the operation principles of operational Amplifiers and other linear ICs. All analog and digital IC related experiments can be carried out. The testers for IC are available.

Major Equipments

  • Dc Power Supply (0-30) V
  • ACER 3D Ready Multi-Media Projector
  • Design of Wein Bridge Oscillator
  • RC Phase Shift Oscillator, BJT & JFET kit
  • Hartly Oscillator, Colpit Oscillator
  • FET Characteastic Kit
  • Astable, monostable, bistable, multivibrator
  • CRO 30 MHz 2 Channel (SM410) Scientific
  • RPS (Regulated power Supply)
  • Transistor Characteastic Kit
  • Analog Digital Trainer (ADTKP)
  • MUX and DEMUX Kit, Decade Resistance Box
  • Design of Counter (Bread Boarttr)
  • KCL & KVL Kit, Digital Multi Meter
  • Super Position & Norton Kit
  • Thevenin and Maximum Power Theorem Kit
  • CRO- 30 MHz 2 Channel
  • Table Lamp, RLC Resonance kit
  • Function Generator, Decade Inductance Box
  • SM5070-3 MH, SM5030-5 MHz

Power System Lab

Power system Laboratory comprises of protection, simulation, high voltage and machine related experiments. Facilities are available for overcurrent, undervoltege, directional, differential and distance relays including different numerical relays. Varieties of Power system Simulation packages like Load flow, PSCAD and MiPower are available. High voltage laboratory has facilities for power frequency high voltage generation Upto 200 kV, Impulse Voltage Generation 600 kV, Condition Monitoring of Transformer,20 kV tan Delta TestKit and other testing facilities

Major Equipments

  • Clamp meter with Power Measurement to find THD and Power Factor
  • Energy Metering Single phase energy Meter
  • Extraction of Wind Turbine Characteristics
  • Performance Analysis of PV module

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

This lab aims to produce graduates who have understood the basic operation of microcontroller system along with fundamental programming skills in assembly language. This course is the foundation for designing, analyzing and implementing engineering programming problems.

Major Equipments

  • Microprocessor Kit 8085
  • Microprocessor Kit 8086
  • Interfacing card DAC
  • Interfacing card Stepper Motor

Basic Electrical Lab

This lab introduces the students to the basic electrical measuring equipments and they will deal with some of the frequently used instruments and equipments, like the digital multimeter, tester etc. The students obtain the basic knowledge about different types of wiring circuits, behaviour of current, voltage, power, energy under different conditions and their determination. They can also gain knowledge about residential wiring, trouble shooting various electrical equipments like ceiling fan, mixer, air conditioner and other electrical gadgets. These experiments help to provide them the foundation they require to be Electrical engineers

Major Equipments

  • Ammeter, Single Way Switch, Two way Switch
  • Soldering Station Digital, Indicator, Lamps
  • Earth Tester, Wattmeter, House Wiring Kit
  • Trainer Kits and Tool Kits

Electric Drives Lab

Electric drives laboratory was setup to inculcate the research practices among students and faculty members. It aims at providing scholars the knowledge about various advanced software packages and hardware setup in Power Electronics and Drives area. This laboratory is setup mainly to serve the following important functions:

  • To support DSP,FPGA based hands on project in undergraduate level
  • To support research and development in postgraduate level

It boast of state of art equipment and contemporary software tools and hardware like VPE-SPARTAN 3A DSP controller, Smart power module and  Intelligent power module for drive applications, DSP Processors, FPGA based Power converter modules. Students are exposed to the best experimental practices under the guidance of expert faculty members and laboratory technicians. This laboratory is kept open even after college hours to enable the students to work on their projects.

Major Equipments

  • DSP Based Servo motor Control System
  • DSP Based DC Servo motor Position Control System
  • DSP / FPGA Based PMSM Control System
  • Open & Closed Loop V/F of 3 phase Induction Motor
  • FPGA Based DC motor Control Using DC-DC Chopper
  • FPGA Based PWM Control of Induction Motor Drives
  • Controller Design for Vector Control A.C. Motor Drives