Science and Humanities

The Department of Science and Humanities @ SRM Institute of Science and Technology (formerly known as SRM University) is a premier destination for the education and research work in basic and applied sciences.The department lays a strong foundation in core areas related to sciences and humanities and its applications to engineering courses from various undergraduate and postgraduate departments.

To meet the latest requirements of industry the department is continuously updating and revising its teaching pedagogies and research schemes to give good impact on economy and society.

The department is home to laboratories with cutting edge tools, faculty members with well-versed knowledge about the field, researchers working in various aspects of the field, and finally the students who get to experience the beauty of science through practical and theoretical means.


The department is committed to be a world-class center in teaching and research in Basic and Applied Sciences


To impart advanced acquaintance and expertise to students and professionals, to meet the global challenges and to offer, effective solutions through research.


To, carry out fundamental and applied research in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Environmental Studies, English and Foreign language.