Computer Applications

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Apart from the core subjects of computer applications, students gain domain knowledge and practice-oriented training in the field by visiting various industrial houses.This not only provides them the much-required practical exposure but also helps to create connections with professionals who can help them in their careers.

The department associates with well-known organizations in the field like Wipro, CTS, Infosys, HCL, and more. The industrial visits, seminars, symposiums, conferences, etc. provide students insights into which expertise and skills to develop further in the areas of computing solutions.

Many of our students work in niche areas like robotics, digital forensics, computer vision, image processing, machine learning, pattern recognition technologies, protocol verification, and more.


  • Creating the most conducive environment for imparting quality education in Computer Applications
  • Contributing effectively to produce globally competent quality professionals in the field of IT
  • Contributing towards preparing young minds to serve community


  • Impart student’s essential knowledge and skills required for a successful career in Information Technology
  • In still confidence in the students to take up new challenges by grooming them appropriately
  • Nculcate in the students a sense of commitment to professional ethics, moral values with emphasis on team work and leadership qualities
  • In still the students with a clear awareness of environmental issues and their relevance to their profession
  • Impress upon the students the impact of their work on the nation’s economic and social progress


Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO 1

    Graduates will have skills and knowledge to excel in their professional career in Computer Applications and related disciplines.

  • PEO 2

    Graduates will contribute and communicate effectively within the team to grow into leaders.

  • PEO 3

    Graduates will practice lifelong learning for continuing professional development into leaders.

  • PEO 4

    Graduates will have the capability to continue their formal education and successfully complete an advanced degree.

  • PEO 5

    Graduates will contribute to the growth of the nation and society by applying acquired knowledge in technical, computing and managerial skills.


B.Sc. CS

The B.Sc. CS is one of the most profitable education options for students seeking a challenging and rewarding career. Continuing advances in information technology create an almost unlimited demand for people with a background in this area.This course also provides exposure to practical training through internships, industry visits, and industry based projects.

BCA-Data science

BCA-Data science is repeatedly referred to as one of the most important and critical industries of the future. Without data engineers, most of data analysis would be difficult or even impossible. There is simply too much data being created for the old methods to remain relevant.

Data engineering is a fundamental part of the new world of big data, not only increasing the amount of data collected, but also ensuring that is clean, consistent, and high quality. It’s not always a visible part of the data science process  and undoubtedly can be frustrating  but without it, businesses would never be able to keep up with the influx of data or obtain reliable results from their analysis.


MCA is high on the list of students who are career-driven and want to work in a professional environment that also allows plenty of growth opportunities. The course equips the students with the skill sets required to become professionals in the fields of software developer, system analyst, data scientist, hardware engineer, web designer and developer, software consultant, IT architect, cloud architect and cyber security expert. Students from the Department are serving invarious top-notch national as well as international ITcompanies as Oracle, TCS, CTS, Infosys, Accenture,, L&T Infotech, Wipro Ltd., Musigma and Capgemini India etc..