"Litticious 2K21" - Delicacies of U.P. & Bihar, 24th December 2021

Chief Guests of the event: Dr. Ramesh Kumar, Principal- Shyam Lal College, University of Delhi and General Secretary- Harijan Sevak Sangh, New Delhi. Guest of Honour- Dr. Ravindra- Kumar, Adviser- IMT Ghaziabad.

The event was conducted to Trace the etymology of traditional and classic dishes with detailed references of origin and comprehensive ethnic recipes and to enlist and recognize heritage status for traditional ingredients, culinary techniques and inventions, terminology, utensils and tools anscreate platforms that encourage the sharing and exchange of traditional culinary philosophy, science and art. To curate programs for generating interest in the current generation to record and safeguard national cultural heritage with specific reference to disappearing culinary heritage, customs and traditions.