Management Studies

The Faculty of Management Studies, SRMIST- NCR campus offers a friendly and exciting academic environment in which the views, values, ideas and experiences of students are not only shared, but also analyzed and re-examined thoroughly through continuous interaction among students and faculty members.

As the Dean of the FMS –SRMIST (NCR), I am proud to affirm that the success of our program is owed in large part to the dedication of each faculty member. Our faculty is unique in that almost all of members have been awarded her/his PhD degree by reputable universities, which is unseen anywhere else in India.

This constitutes the basis for all faculty members being dedicated researchers as well as teachers in a number of ways. In addition to the fact that all courses are taught in English, the faculty members’ study experience abroad contributes to international understanding as well as understanding what it’s like to be a student in a foreign country. But most importantly, all members of the FMS- SRMIST(NCR) are competent in academics, since they are actively involved in research, witnessed by publications in highly ranked academic journals.

It is the mission of the FMS-SRMIST (NCR) to train our students to strengthen their capacity to observe, analyse, and participate in socio-economic development, and Atma-Nirbhar Bharat. Our students also play a substantial role in making our Management program successful through hard work and persistence in finding solutions to challenging issues. What we offer our students is a highly educational program that is designed to guide them to ask the right questions and to master the use of scientific tools for objective, critical and logical analyses of socio-economic observations. With a solid curriculum accompanied by rigorous training that is unique, the dedicated faculty members all look forward to welcoming new students.

Dr. N.M.Mishra

Dean, Faculty of Management Studies