Leadership - Delhi NCR Campus Ghaziabad

Dear Students and Parents,

The office of the Dean Campus Life at SRM IST Delhi NCR campus encourages a community of mutual reverence between the student and teachers. The students at the university are the most enthusiastically engaged members in the process of education and we ensure that this youngest section gains the most out of their learning journey.

The Office of Dean CL is devoted and dedicated to creating an environment that is conducive for the intellectual and personal growth of its students. The DCL office also ensures the well-being of all the students by devising and implementing a General Code of Conduct for the students.

We also provide support and advocacy for our students by providing information, answering questions, assisting students for adjustment to the campus, promoting such programs that address student interests, concerns and needs, and extend a helping hand to all issues related to campus life.

We persuade our students to inculcate the principle of honor and integrity in their personal as well as academic matters. This helps them to make strong and mature decisions all through their professional and personal lives.

The Dean CL Office manages student affairs related to student conduct, health services, student activities, student counseling, services for handicapped/disabled members of the campus community, and issues related to general resident life. This dedication to student welfare enriches their learning by actively developing, implementing, and maintaining programs, strategies, and services. Such skills build and maintain a strong sense of community while they support the social and personal development of our students at SRM IST Delhi NCR campus.

Good Luck & God bless

  • Dr. Navin Ahlawat,

  • Dean, Science and Humanities
    Email : dean.sh.ncr@srmist.edu.in
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology