Anandotsav, a five-day jubilation hosted by SRM Institute of Science and Technology delhi NCR campus, unfolded in a kaleidoscope of festivities. The programme was inaugurated with the presence of our respected Director Sir Dr. S Viswanathan, Dean E&T Dr. R. P. Mahapatra, Dean S&H Dr. Navin Ahlawat, Dean FMS Dr. N.M. Mishra and the Event organisers HOD EFL Dr. Anchal Mishra and HOD Physics Dr. Megha Gupta Chaudhary. DAY 1, named Shailaputri in honor of Goddess Shailaputri, commenced with a warm address from the Director, paving the way for a lively dance competition that saw an acclamation from the judges and audience. As night fell, the campus lit up with the vibrant hues of garba and dandiya, inviting all to join in the rhythmic revelry. DAY 2, dedicated to Goddess Brahmacharini, began with heartfelt prayers and words of encouragement from our Deans, leading into spirited music and dance contests that kept the energy high. Dandiya rhythms echoed through the night, carrying the celebrations forward. DAY 3, in homage to Goddess Chandraghanta, started with an impressive showcase of student talents, followed by the students of the college enthralling Ramayana Darshan, earning them a well-deserved standing ovation from the judges and dignitaries alike. The day culminated in a lively garba and dandiya night, where laughter and music filled the air. DAY 4, honoring Goddess Kushmanda, set the stage for dynamic dance-offs, with teams of our students capturing hearts of all. The dandiya beat continued well into the night, keeping the spirits high. DAY 5, dedicated to Goddess Skandamata, opened with a graceful performance by our esteemed faculties, setting the tone for a grand dandiya and garba night where all our students and faculties joined the rhythm of garba beats. Lehnga cholis and kurta’s adorned everyone, bringing Anandotsav to a grand and colorful finale.

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